RIS The Radiology Information System facilitates faster and easier patient throughput.

Check In

To speed up and ensure accuracy during the check-in process, the SIMMS scheduler is loaded with time and work saving features.

The scheduler includes real-time patient information, is colour-adjustable, with easy to find, appointment searches, multi-modality visit settings, accuracy checkprompters, and an integrated swipe card function so that information can be correctly populated from health cards or personal IDs. With the SIMMS full view dashboard, reception can immediately check which patient is registered for what room and which type of studies. The drag and drop functionality means that changes can be made quickly and without readjusting each appointment.

Ideal for centralized patient registration and booking, multi-site clients have the luxury of seeing appointments from each of their locations with one click of the mouse. Managing patients before the examination process has never been so simple.

Documents are managed, and conveniently attached to each patient file. Scanned sheets such as requisition sheets, worksheets, consent forms, images, pictures, and reports are effortlessly linked. This can be done before the study, during the process, or when the exam is finished ─ that means, your clinic can use SIMMS based on a variety of workflows.

SIMMS offers time-sensitive workflow management with real-time tracking to make sure exams go through the entire process from pre- to post-patient operations. Worklists are automatically generated, so patients can be seen right after check-in. Images are quickly and easily transferred into the SIMMS Enterprise. Much of the workflow is done in the automated background.

All system users receive a free e-mail account (name@oursimms.com) that is integrated within the SIMMS Enterprise. This makes internal and external communication prompt and easy, and helps you save time.

Workflow & Worklist

SIMMS Transcribe eliminates the inefficiencies of the classic reporting system by offering many unique features to automate, not complicate, the reporting process. After dictation, the voice file is automatically delivered to the transcriptionist, and the radiologist views the next set of images without delay. In the same way, when the transcriptionist completes a report, the next one is automatically loaded.

SIMMS Reporting is an advanced module that sends reports to referring physicians. Delivery of final reports can be made via fax, email, or both. If there is more than one physician, you can add cc’s to the report, and have the report delivered to the additional physician. Reports can be printed and saved in a patient file, or saved electronically to a folder.

Fast Transcription
Easy Billing

SIMMS Billing is an advanced solution designed to streamline your billing process. All necessary information is captured, tracked, stored, and transmitted automatically, reducing the time spent you spend reviewing, preparing and submitting claims. Even the reconciliation process is made easier through one-click claims tracking.

Billing codes are established within the framework of the SIMMS Enterprise check-in process, to prevent entry errors or mismatches. Using another system outside of SIMMS just for billing is not necessary. A complete patient cycle includes getting paid for the work you do.

Analytics and Statistics

The SIMMS Stats module was designed by business experts to help you monitor and manage your single- or multiple-site operation. Statistics are key component in helping you evaluate evaluating business performance and make proactive management decisions and resource allocations, as well as set and measure financial goals. The module is integrated, so results are time-sensitive and driven by your single clinic or group performance.

Statistics can be based on a number of metrics ranging from study type, patient volumes, physician referrals, billing reports and key information that can help you run your clinic better.

PACS The Picture Archive Communication System enhances productivity by simplifying the dictation process.

Access from anywhere

A real time view of studies is available at any time, from any computer. Studies do not get locked into a particular workstation, and can be reassigned with minimal efforts. Without a VPN, real accessibility means your patients can be seen from anywhere. Localized pre-buffering, studies are waiting for radiologists and ─ not vice versa.

With such amazing flexibility to the system, accessibility to images is not limited to geography, weather conditions, or waiting for the delivery of plain films anymore. Real time access means patients get faster, better decisions.


The SIMMS Enterprise Archive lets you retrieve information collected throughout the patient visit ─ giving you complete access to the final reports, images, dictation audio, requisition sheets, worksheets and patient demographics. Importantly, the archive helps you maintain the quality and consistency of your patient data.

SIMMS data management includes centralized long-term storage to handle all of your patient information. Patient information is not removed from centralized servers and stored on tape drives for future use. Live data is available when you want it and need it most.

Reporting tools and voice capture are integrated directly into the SIMMS PACS for a single ‘point of entry’. Dictations are linked to each patient’s visit and instantly made available to the transcriptionist. After transcription, the radiologist can quickly view, edit and finalize the report using embedded features.

Hot Keys and shortcuts are synched between speech mikes and the SIMMS Enterprise so that viewing, dictating and worklist management functions can be performed with minimal keyboard interactions.


SIMMS ‘SmartViewer’, the viewing platform for SIMMS PACS, features complete DICOM image management functionality and a customizable interface.

Within the SIMMS SmartViewer, radiologists have total control over their work environment. To maximize comfort and efficiency, general settings for modalities, layout, and other display properties can be configured.

With the SIMMS SmartViewer, radiologists can set worklist preferences by modality or other Query/Retrieve capabilities. It also offers a full range of image display and manipulation features, including: window/level presets, thumbnails, & series composition and hot-keys. Additionally Finally, Multiple exams can be displayed concurrently, making it easier to compare exams with previous studies.

Enhanced display protocols let you manipulate the image layouts faster - making your workflow more efficient. Easy to change hanging protocols means you don’t have to call a PACS administrator to ensure you see what you want, where you want it.

Systematic Workflow

The SIMMS Enterprise is designed to give each type of user the flexibility to complete their part of the examination cycle quickly and efficiently. Patients management is a key element to the SIMMS PACS ensuring patients don’t get missed, misplaced or misallocated.

Complete PACS integration with the RIS means worklists are created by workflow and real time patients not staff or administrators. No ‘weeding out’ or ‘unbatching’ of studies is ever necessary. Managing real information in real time, with sortable worklists, based on a number of choices, results in less stress and greater productivity.

Overall, the interface allows radiologists, and specialists of all types, to focus on their primary responsibility: reading images and providing diagnoses as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Patient Management