Who We Are

Established in 2004, we are a privately-owned and operated Canadian software development company that specializes in providing intuitive and complete solutions for the medical community. Our team is made up of technical engineers and business consultants who are dedicated to supporting our clients and their unique initiatives.

Comprised of radiology clinics (ultrasound & x-ray, BMD, mammography, GI, etc.), cardiac centres, chiropractic facilities, vascular and endovascular labs and fertility specialists, our customers provide quintessential diagnostic testing and medical imaging services to patients in all types of settings.

We have a sales and support team in Toronto, Canada that provides first-class service to a healthcare provider industry that demands responsive, knowledgeable communication. We have the ability to supply and service healthcare providers from around the globe, and currently service clients in three countries. We also have two development teams that are proficient, professional and remain on the cutting edge of technology, ensuring that we remain the market trendsetters in our industry. Some of the our team members excel in project delivery, while others are driven to find niche ways to improve operability and interoperability.

For over a decade, we have supplied our clients with the type of products, service and support that allows them to focus on their key responsibility which is patient centered healthcare. We reduce costs for our clients, while we increase the speed and accuracy of their result deliveries. Turnaround times are critical for General Practitioners and Specialists, to ensure that patients are receiving the best outcomes possible.

Our strengths are our passion for healthcare and for trying to make a difference in the lives of thousands of patients each day. We also have a great desire to create a new generation of filmless/paperless workflow-driven environments, where information can be used and shared by healthcare professionals.