• One fee: SIMMS is an integrated RIS & PACS. That means, the costs of two expensive, unique systems are combined into one low-cost solution.
  • Profit Increases: SIMMS eliminates the need for increasingly-expensive film, thermal paper, chemicals, tapes, labour, overhead, paper storage, couriers and mail, as well as expensive, obsolete hardware that needs to be ‘re-greened’ or replaced every year. Also, since data is securely stored on SIMMS routers that act like mini-servers, you won’t need expensive IT professionals, or hardware maintenance support contracts.
  • Minimum Upfront Costs: We understand that the cost associated with replacing a legacy system that didn’t perform well is an important consideration. That’s why we keep our upfront costs for implementation, training, and system deployment well below market rates.
  • Advantages for multi-site clinics: The costs can be shared among locations, and invoices can be adjusted to patient volumes or other metrics you choose. Based on the overall number of locations to be licensed, we offer multiple-site pricing discounts.
  • Variety of Pricing Programs: We customize our solutions to your requirements and budget. Long- or short-term contracts are available, and we offer a number of payment methods and pricing opportunities.
  • Unlimited Access and Users: SIMMS Enterprise allows for, and supports, an unlimited number of users and gives them unlimited access. There’s no additional fee to add users, and there is no need to remove users to stay below a predetermined threshold.
  • Deployment Options for Multiple Sites: Depending on your preference, deployment can be instantaneous or staggered. Operations like scheduling and billing can easily be centralized.
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