• Decision-making for Purchasing: Few vendors offer an integrated RIS & PACS, so the decision-making process is faster and less complicated. Even fewer vendors provide an integrated RIS & PACS that is cloud-based, with a decade-long track record of working with independent health facilities.
  • Single source contract: Having one contract for all of your support, maintenance, and purchases minimizes your administration time. User profiles are implemented once, and there is only one password to remember.
  • File Management: By using one system, and one point of entry for patient information, your chances of making an error are greatly reduced.
  • Support: Having a single provider makes getting support quicker, more convenient and far less confusing. A patient’s history can be traced in one system rather than multiple, so determining a cause and resolving an issue is faster and easier.
  • Training: Coordination of one trainer is easy for both independent and multiple-site operations.
  • Referring Physician Portal (RPP): SIMMS Portal gives physicians access to patient records, including clinical data and images, through our cloud platform. This means the physician can work at the same time as the specialist, at any location, at any time of the day. The newest version of the SIMMS RPP opens the same way a worklist for a dictating specialist would, with a viewable patient list that can be searched and sorted in a variety of ways.
  • Accessories: We provide workstations for technologists, receptionists, and radiologists, monitors for viewing up to 5MPs, graphic cards, dictation microphones, scanners, card swipers, foot pedals, and label makers. We also come directly to your site to ensure make certain that they are properly set up to work effectively with SIMMS Enterprise. To ensure a smooth implementation or transition, our goal is to provide you with a ‘one stop shop’ to purchase all of your accessories.
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