Technical Features

  • Cloud-Based: The SIMMS Enterprise offers greater operational flexibility, and the ability to manage and expedite operations from a convenient location. Since only standard internet is needed ─ not expensive VPN lines ─ healthcare professionals have the freedom to choose when and where they work.
  • Cohesion: Having one solution eliminates worries about integrating RIS/PACS components and hardware, software integration issues, and deployment issues. Plus, you’ll no longer have the added expense and hassle of managing multiple vendors.
  • Technological Improvements: We implement new and innovative upgrades easily and regularly. Being an application service provider lets us make instant changes for all our clients and users.
  • Workflow Efficiencies: Real-time workflow and status patient tracking results in more accurate diagnostics.
  • Automated Workflow: Since SIMMS Enterprise is workflow-driven, it automates, not duplicates, clinical workflow. This results in improved patient care.
  • Software Upgrades & Development: Our development is based on ‘Agile’ methodology, where the focus is continual improvement and regular upgrades for customers. This methodology is ideal for cloud services and support. As the world changes, SIMMS changes too.
SIMMS growth