Peer Review

After many requests, much research, and a great deal of intricate design work, we have finally finished our newest feature for SIMMS, a new module called Peer Review.

Peer Review is easy to learn, use, and workflow integrated so you do not have to run a parallel system with SIMMS, nor maintain any additional spreadsheets or documentation systems. Like all SIMMS modules, there is workflow flexibility so the choice of how or when to use the new functionality, is up to you.

The module comes complete with graphical statistics (charts) and summaries, a detailed searchable history, and a report generator. In addition, studies can be redirected or reassigned when necessary.

CPSO inspections are asking to see Peer Review protocols and are expecting to see PR results. The new module make this part of your inspection easy and effective.

Peer review is now available. For subscription pricing please contact SIMMS sales.

Book a time for your demonstration.

Demonstrations for the Peer Review module, can be provided remotely through Teamviewer in less than 10 minutes.